Friday, April 10, 2009

Off the beaten path...a car graphic

We did handpainted signs, logo design and vinyl work for a number of years so I guess it's hard to get it out of my system...and since personalizing vehicles seems to be a popular trend in areas we've lived I thought I'd share this fun template and idea...svg file available here

For those still learning Inkscape, I will try to provide directions on how I did my file...perhaps there are other ways, but this is what I did:

Import 'Cargraphictemplate'
Click on text icon and type 'your name'
(a script seems to work best)
Select 'object to path' in Path menu ,
then move your name over the top
of the template to size it,
then go to the Edit menu select 'duplicate'
to make another copy of your name
and move it off the car graphic template.

Then click on the original name script which is positioned
where I want it on the car graphic template,
selected 'Dynamic offset' in Path menu...
and move the node that will appear until it creates a fairly solid shadow,
hold the shift key to select it and the car graphic,
then in the Path Menu, select 'Union', move the
name script you duplicated back in place,
select the graphic and your name script,
go back to Path menu, select 'Difference'
and then save the image!

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