Monday, June 13, 2011

Shirt Gift Card Holder

So I was browsing Stetler Arts blog and saw an adorable shirt card design she shared. I love origami and so I thought it would be fun to do a little tweak to make the shirt a gift card holder and let it be the card rather than attach it to another piece of I will show the steps here. The beauty is you completely use your scrapbook paper.

Cut your paper in half to 6"x12

Fold in half.

Unfold and fold both sides to center as shown.

Fold the top out as shown...this will create the sleeves. I used the envelope as a guide to see how large to create the sleeves. It is approximately 2 1/4" from the top.

Turn over and fold the bottom up for the collar. Mine is about 3/4".

Turn over again and fold collar toward center as shown.

Fold so that the shirt body tucks under the collar and crease the bottom.

Fold the bottom up about an inch.

Open up and you will have to reverse to of the folds to creat an accordian effect...

it should look like this. I like to glue the back flap of the accordian fold to create more stability.

I will add three buttons.

The back looks like this.

Tuck in a note with a gift card, check or cash!

Birdie Bride and Groom

A request for a bird silhouette with a veil prompted this little file, figured she need a partner...tweet, tweet!
File is here, seventh post.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Doggie and Kitty Cup Card Design

I thought I posted these somewhere but I couldn't find them so I will show some pics of this design similar to the cup cards but perfect for a little special pet in your life. They are great for a little treat or gift card for a pet store or your favorite dog groomer, etc. The bands are cut from the edges of the paper and I used small die cuts for the circles and flowers on the band though you could add your favorite accents.

I have not offered these files before and if you are a member of our forum (of course, free to register!) you can purchase them for $1. They are a lot of fun and there are fun pet themed papers that are perfect for these! The offer is here. I'm also offering two other designs including my bistro set and a friends card.

Our "forum" is not so much a place to chat as it is a place for all my design files as well as a place for buying and selling of general merchandise in the Nebraska panhandle but if you are a member of the hobby forum please feel free to post comments and or links for your own blog(s) or if you've used any of my designs you are welcome to post them as well! I love pics!

And thanks to those who have shared the work and links to my files on their blogs! Happy Crafting!