Friday, March 10, 2017

Origami dresses on hangers

A year ago I had a request for miniature paper clothes on hangers, 1:12 doll house size. Since that time I've made several origami dresses and  cut out onesies. I also have done a line a slightly larger dresses that can be used in other ways - on cards, party favors, scrapbook embellishment or to hang and enjoy! It's fun to have a tremendous variety of paper. Here are a few recent projects for my Etsy shop!

 I've embellished them with a band and flowers.

 I don't normally cover the backs except in some of the smaller dresses.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Miniature Dollhouse Furniture 1:24 scale

 So I found this set of 1:24 dollhouse furniture in a thrift shop, partially assembled. I assume whoever had it lost interest so I assembled the rest of the set following the diagram on the back of the paper. These are inexpensive DIY furniture sets that are advertised as a 3d puzzle.
 It is tiny but had some charm and I thought it might be a fun project to decoupage and try to upscale the look, lol! So I chose some beautiful scrapbook paper and used my glue stick. The edges were finished using a gold metallic sharpie. I plan to coat with Modge Podge to help secure the edges
 I used beads for handles on the front of the armoire doors,

 Next project, the two chairs and coffee table.

 As shown they can be reversed or as in the final photo, mix and match. I kept the bottom pink and the pattern on the back.