Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Bloomin' Wall

I used some flower die cuts I got a couple of months ago, one was a Tim Holtz design and the other a Cuttlebug die. While I have a cutting system I like, the dies come in handy for using up paper that might otherwise get tossed.

I experimented with teal and burgundy colors and a variety of patterns. I used a small embellishment in the center of most of them and used adhesive putty to adhere it to the wall. Layering allows a number of combinations within the color scheme and adds variety. With the vast choices in papers the options are many.  Depending on the size of the flower, I use a pencil or crochet hook handle to give a little curl and dimension to the petals. And these flower can be used on a variety of projects - boxes, frames, gift tags. bottles and more!


Monday, January 28, 2013

A Bloom in my Heart

I have neglected my blog but I've been working on projects, many of them flowers. I was compelled to buy some flower pillow designs by a talented Etsy designer. Her shop link is here and called Sew You Can Too. She has pdf files and well written instructions! This is one of her beautiful designs called the Daniella Dahlia (Photo used with permission).

Mine isn't as crisp and polished but I love
the colors and the beauty of this design!
This design was done with blue and brown roll felt.
And I experimented with different backgrounds
to see how it might look and decided on the one above.