Monday, November 22, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted more lately...

I've been busy with other projects...recycling t-shirts and ties and a few other things as shown below...more pics of this character on my other blog
Recycling on a whole new level
...I'm trying to decide on a name for her...any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mini mini cup cards!

Just a little idea...emphasis on LITTLE! Well you might be able to put an Andes candy in these but not much else! However, I thought it would be a fun little bookmark or you could put a small magnet on the back, too. I also put one on a pencil. I used these as Thank You for my little Etsy store and to promote the name of my shop LKC Design. So, I created a background of copy (about 10 point size) and did a repeat of my shop name but you could put anything on it. I printed it out on the printer and then cut it on the Cricut to line the inside of the cups. It could have Thank you, Thinking of You, I love you a latte, Expresso Yourself, Java Nice Day, it's a fun little desisn...happy cutting!

Follow the Coffee Cup and Sayings link in my sidebar for this cute cup file! Thanks for stopping in!