Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flamenco Dancer

This is in response to a request for a flamenco dancer...file here!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paper Doll - Grown Up Version



Okay, I refuse to grow up! Here's the same girl from the last post in the dimensional dress, except now we're playing dress up!

With 2-sided papers the variations increase. I cut three girls and it's like having six! Here's some examples...the file is here if you want it.

I did laminate the girls to preserve them with handling...could be fun to cut in plain paper and let girls draw and/or stamp their own designs, too.




Monday, May 17, 2010

Girl in dimensional dress


This is similar to a file in an earlier post, a silhouette based on a statue I have at home.

So, this one will be making an appearance as a dimensional piece. The two mirrored images can be glued together and the skirt pieces are folded in half, glued to each other with three sections glued together on each side. The pieces will all be facing up with the small part of the skirt sections to the top - I flipped the middle piece just to maximize cutting.

You could also do a single side and have her on the front of a card or put a small magnet on the back. The skirt flatten easily for mailing, too. I wanted to put different sayings on the skirts. Both sides have different sayings. I also lightly inked all the edges. Hope you can have some fun with it...I will be adding a paper doll variance on this file, too, in a later post. Happy cutting!
File here!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

All Things Girly!

Well, if you have visited me much you will likely notice a recurring themes (aside from the baby themes) I love purses, shoes, jewelry and most recently a wonderful hat box by Penny Duncan and a lovely perfume bottle designed by Paulo. So here are the latest additions and the artists names above will link to their respective files! The link for Penny's blog is a little different from the previous post because she has posted an updated version of her hat box.

These two bottles are the same paper, one is embossed using my Cuttlebug.

On a few of these hats, I cut skinny strips from the edges of the paper and curled them and taped them together, then glued a little flower over the top of them. I think they add a little extra fun! On each one I also added hat band either from the paper of complementary ribbon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hats Off to Penny!

I snagged this adorable file from Penny Duncan's blog...I must be a girly girl because these files just make me happy...purses, shoes, hats (have a nice real hat collection) so I was anxious to work with this file.

The original file is with a round base but I also wanted to try it with a scalloped base and extra texture courtesy of my Cuttlebug embosser on the little pink one. I added hat bands cut from the edges of my papers and flower embellishments (Flora Doodles by Petaloo)and the Hello came from my Stamped Cartidge. Projects like this are ideal for two-sided paper, too. Now really, who wouldn't love to get a little gift in one of these!

A light sanding made the embossing stand out nicely on this sweet hat!