Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Origami Money Folding

So, I had a request to do a flying dragon with a $5o dollar bill for a donation presentation so thought it would be fun to show it with the regular dollar bill version. Also have a couple of other folds I've done.

Notice the doggie eye and mouth in photo above!

The fifty is on the right side.

A quarter nestled in a heart-shaped dollar bill.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dollar Bill Origami

Well, for those who try to follow my apologies for the lack of posting. We have been swamped with a new furniture consignment shop and our own Curiosity Shop next door to it. So these little projects seemed fitting for our Curiosity Shop. I had a call requesting a dragon and frog out of a dollar bill so that led to a few new folds for me and I threw in some earlier ones, too.

Do a Dollar Bill Origami search to find some great artists out there!
Maybe this will inspire you to explore this unique artistic expression!

I call this one shirt 'n chaps. One dollar for the shirt and one for the chaps.

Cancer Ribbon
Flying Dragon (isn't he a cutie?!)