Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dollar Bill Origami

Well, for those who try to follow my apologies for the lack of posting. We have been swamped with a new furniture consignment shop and our own Curiosity Shop next door to it. So these little projects seemed fitting for our Curiosity Shop. I had a call requesting a dragon and frog out of a dollar bill so that led to a few new folds for me and I threw in some earlier ones, too.

Do a Dollar Bill Origami search to find some great artists out there!
Maybe this will inspire you to explore this unique artistic expression!

I call this one shirt 'n chaps. One dollar for the shirt and one for the chaps.

Cancer Ribbon
Flying Dragon (isn't he a cutie?!)



  1. Wow, a curiosity shop. I bet that is fun. I love the money origami items. Unfortunately I can't even try it as our money is plastic and doesn't fold. The bat card looks terrific.

  2. Thanks Carolyn! The shop is keeping us busy and it's fun to offer unique items!


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