Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mini Purse

Outside of purse

For that extra special's an adorable mini can be used for a variety of things...this one has a couple of tea bags in it but it could easily accommodate a gift card or certificate or a small tissue wrapped gift could be tucked in...the .svg file is in "More of my scal images" link.

o-inside of purse

Now, for details on size and construction. The finished height is just over 3½" high not including the beaded handle. The cut size of this one is 9" x 4.255". I scored it at the widest point for the first fold and once it's folded up you have a guide for the next fold and I measure about a 1/4" up for another fold line so I have a small ridge where I attach the beaded handle.


I cut a piece of wire at least 4" long and string about 2" of beads. I poke a small hole about 3/4" in from either side for the hand and then on the inside I add an extra bead and turn the wire with my round nose pliers 2or 3 time and bend slightly to flatten. I cut off the extra after pulling the second side through. If handle seems loose you may need to bend the wire a little more from the inside area and/or put a little white glue to secure. I used two small pieces of the thicker magnetic sheeting as a clasp though I have used a velcro circle cut in half as well. For the inside, I cut a 3/4" strip of matching paper and glue in so it could hold the tea bags and print a message in Print Shop. On the outside is a white button I cut the shank off, sanded it smooth and glued.

Have fun...

Did a ton of these for a Spa Day a few years ago. I put a small bag with a Tablespoon of Foot Therapy...long before Cricut and SCAL so cut all by hand out of wallpaper samples! The inside design was much more involved than the one presented here...


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  1. Hi I love what you did with Paulo's horse and carriage file!!! Do you have a svg file for these purses? Thanks!
    love hugs and prayers


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