Saturday, April 25, 2009

Coffee Cup Card

The coffee cup cards utilize both the positive and negative elements of the design giving very different cards. The pieces of the design can be tedious but utilizing a great hint I learned has certainly helped. As the pictures below show, I use drywall mesh to hold the elements together so I can move them as a unit. You will need to gently loosen them from the cricut mat as you transfer the image.

There can be a few different ways to approach making the card so I thought it would be helpful to put everything together in one file and let you decide how you might want to approach the card design. The top card with the design in place makes the card delicate and requires extra care when creasing it...the elements to the right allow an overlay of steam and a decorative paper could be cut from the solid cup and saucer which would go under the deco cup outline.

File here

The solid design below can be used for the inside lining of the card or by itself as the card with the design to the right of it overlaying the front of the card. Additionally, you can use the shadow, blackout (shown below) or shadow blackout (I like the "1" setting) to give a more solid joint to the card.

The two lower designs are available in my More SCAL .svg files link...I will update here when the other file with all the elements is posted. Bottoms Up!

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  1. Great idea about using the drywall tape! I'll have to remember that one.


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