Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another purse and shoe - Denise-style!

Okay, I confess...I've been spending too much time at Denise's Scrapbooking Room and was among the many eager for her designs to become available! So I wasted no time once I got them and have made several items.
If you've seen my earlier posts you know I have loved some purse and shoe ensembles so I was eager to do a version of her set, too!


I opted not to crease the front of the shoe preferring a softer shape and added a little band to match the flower on top.


I also chose to do an big offset flower on the bag, creating additional petals from her design and added a matching band and snipped off the tab that is in the original design so I could use it as an open gift bag. It's a fun change from my favorite cricut bag and I look forward to creating more sets! The shoe is far easier than the beaded version I've done on the earlier posts. Thanks for all your hard work, Denise! I encourage you to check out her page! Aside from designs to purchase she has many free .svgs as well!



  1. Laura, these came out so cute!! Did you purchase it at Denise's? Great job!!

  2. I did purchase them from Denise's! I couldn't resist and if you saw my May 2009 posts you see I've been making a few sets! They are adorable with the vintage jewelry I have!

    Thanks for looking!


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