Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Pig's Tale

I'm not quite sure what happened but somehow an out of control piggy has run amuck on the scal forum...(I suspect Miss Piggy herself) but at any rate I started dressing a pig.

Apparently it's amusing to a few of us who have well,
a different sense of humor...

the thread in all it's silliness is here.

It start with a request for a pig...well, actually a gymnastic pig. Choices were offered and one was special swine was chosen but alas she had no outfit. Didn't seem right, so I offered an outfit
and we've been wallowing ever since!!
Thanks for the fun!

Ah yes, it started with a tutu...

and our sassy swine was feeling fine and wanted to to
take a trip so she got a special outfit
for a luau being held in her honor...

While basking in the sun, she picked up some leotards...
not bad for a fine swine swim either.

She couldn't decide which one was her favorite so she
splurged since their was a super swine sale going on...

However, much to her dismay, she realized some thought she was at the luau for other she tried to make her position clear.

She decided to leave because their was an
outbreak on the island...and she
feared she might be implicated.

Returning home to her day job, someone suggested that she was not working to her full pig potential...

so once more, she found it necessary explain herself.

She thinks she needs another vacation...


  1. was a funny diversion that took on a short life of its own...sometimes we need that!

    Thanks for writing!


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