Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Geeky Girl - she's baaacck!

Here are instructions for piecing her together...I think it is the easiest way to me.

all about me 1

This fun image has become the mascot of sorts for the forum Papyrus Jungle. You'll find her lurking about over there...after all it is all about her! It's a place for learning more about scal, inkscape, photoshop, illustrator, etc...

She's shown up in other ways and places, too...

In scal in the preference box I set the Style menu on Blackout for the main body...whatever color you want her to be. You can use scraps of other colors for the hair and dress, shoes and belt since the blackout mode doesn't affect those elements.

Then I move the image to the bottom of the mat and just cut the regular image in black and put over the solid skin-toned piece and insert the dress and shoes. The belt band can go over the dress or not (optional).

File in Silhouettes.

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