Sunday, February 5, 2012

Using Inkscape 0.48 Filters

If you've been to the Inkscape Cutting Design forum, you'll see we've been experimenting with some of Inkscape's filters. If you haven't explored these options in 0.48 you'll have to make some time to do so.

As we have discovered it's easy to forget which ones you've used especially if you are layering textures on one another and changing colors can change the effect, too.

So here, I've tried to show the steps I've taken to get to the effect shown above.

I started with a solid purple and have selected just the swirl design to use with the filter effect.

In the Filters drop down menu under Textures I selected the Tinted rainbow effect

In this image I layered the 3d wood from the Materials in the Filter menu.

Also note at the bottom of the filters drop down menu is a Remove Filters feature to undo the applied filters. This works better than the Undo button especially if you have multiple filter layers.

The only change in the above samples is the background colors. Below I created a border (see my previous post for instructions on doing that) and I changed the color on the other elements to a softer pink tone which pops against the black border.

The samples below are other colors and filters I've played with and the files below are available to Inkscape Cutting Design forum members. Check out the Geisha Girl, Flamenco Dancer and Bollywood Dancer posts in the free svg files for more filter inspirations! Have fun!



  1. Oh No Laura where is the Geisha Girl with the 'Dancing Head!!' Still having a whale of a time with the Inkscape filters...

  2. Thanks Angela! I added her in this morning!


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