Monday, September 14, 2009

Deco Pendant

This is the same pendant/bookmark as in the last post.
Just some optional ideas. The blue one is missing some parts because the paper was not as strong as the green stock. Certain card stock colors seem to be a little problematic with finer details but I love some of the rich colors.
Designed in Inkscape. When I cut it in SCAL I used the normal mode for the main design and the blackout mode for the color underneath so I would have a solid cut. Will upload files later to my wearable art link...

With the large "F" I tried cutting the word friends just above but my paper wasn't cooperating so I decided to delete that part and decided I would either print an insert that said "Friends" or put in some other decorative element. I do have a nice friendship stamp that barely fit the size I cut but offered me the option of adding a sentiment that way, too.

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