Friday, December 16, 2011

Subway Art

Well, I was inspired by some work I've seen for other cities so had to do my own take for our little town. Naturally I did my work in Inkscape. Most of it was just deciding placement and tones. I did decide to overlay a large "a" with the city, state and county names as the background.

In the sample here I've typed the background rotating the city and state. I also kept reducing the size and I adjusted the line spacing to 80% in the text editor. I duplicated about three times and then when I had enough copy for my "a" I selected Object to Path and Union to make them one unit. The "a" as you can see I set translucent enough to play with my placement then I, strangely enough had to Ungroup it in order to convert it with Object to Path. After both elements were path I selected both and using the Intersection feature in the Path menu.

Not sure why a couple of letters dropped out of the design...but not too hard to fill in...give it a try!


  1. OK, you've got me. I've got to get around to learning intersection if this is what I can do if I learn.

    Thanks these are very creative and useful for so many projects.

  2. Thanks Sue! Yes, how easy to make some personalized cards for someone...might have to make that my next blog post!

  3. Looks great Laura, I am definitely going to try this myself. Thank you for showing another creative way to use Inkscape.


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