Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little Butterflies and Inspirational Girls

I have a new display in our Curioity Shop at The Alliance Trader. I've been filling some beautiful little bottles with bath salts and thought it would be fun to incorporate some little butterflies from the files I've shared earlier. I also thought it would be a nice option to present some Inspirational Girls along with the bath salt containers. Perhaps it will give you some ideas...and if you missed the previous blog posts, the girls can be found here and the butterflies here!

This great dessert glass is perfect for some bath salts and a bath scrunchie. I threw in the straw for effect! What a fun way to give a bath treat...just don't eat it!
Here is a vintage beauty!

The bath salts are scented with either lavender or eucalyptus so the shop is smelling especially fragrant, too!

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