Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Name Art

I'm having such fun with this font and wanted to show some ideas to customize with names and using digital patterns for a fun look. I used some designs I bought from a fellow designer on Etsy, martora is the shop name, and she has some wonderful digi pages!
I'm using the name of the great-neice, Miya and the font is called Misirlou Day. I overlap the letters and add a little thickness but I love fonts like this that are chunky...great for photos as shown in my previous post but also patterns. Of course, you can beautiful scrapbook paper on your Cricut but here I did some digital imaging in Inkscape. I took the letters and converted them under the "Path" menu "Object to path' and then 'Break apart'. That allowed me to take the middle of the letter out and overlay any design (I also went to the "Object" menu and selected 'Raise to Top' and I decrease the color of the fill so I can overlay it on the design and decide which part I want to use (the same process I use with a photo).

By the way, I used Import under the File menu to bring the digital files I wanted into Inkscape and the sized them for my project...

After I've decided I select the pattern and the letter and go to the "Object" menu and select 'Clip', 'Set' and that will give me just the part I want to use for my letter...pretty easy. I'm using Inkscape 0.46 so I don't know if there is any variance from this menu in the newer versions but for more ideas or questions, join us at the Inkscape Cutting Design forum!

Wouldn't this be a sweet notecard? Put it on the front of some cardstock and make a post-it note holder!

Make a custom bookmark or card set or header for a scrapbooking page. I think it could be a fun way to display a child's art too. Take a picture of it and then clip part of it in the name...well I hope this will give a little inspiration! Off to play...

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