Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dragonflies and more butteflies

I had a request for a group of dragonflies so I worked on this today and thought I'd share the file with any who want the dragonfly page set up...the photo shows all the dragonflies from one sheet...file is here!

You can use a removable adhesive putty to easily apply and move these around or add to a gift box, too! I found some at local stores with glues and adhesives...Kmart had a blue putty, don't recall the brand and Scotch makes an off-white putty. I roll it in a small ball and attach to the upper body. It takes very little to hold them in place. I also added some embossing with the small swiss dots.




And here is another butterfly set...I reversed some since I was using two-sided paper though some designs aren't worth reversing, I really like the variety on this paper. As of 7/6/10 I just posted the scut file set up on 12x12 format...same link as dragonflies above!


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  1. I like your dragonflies much better than the ones I saw in National Geographic, the real one scare me. But yours don't, in fact I think I want to marry your dragonflies....wait that's morally wrong and an abomination.
    Thanks for trying to make me sin!
    (lol VERY pretty!)


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