Friday, July 17, 2009

Me & the bug

The Cuttlebug that is. I just got some new embossing folders and I find myself looking for things that need a new lease on life...bookmarks, cards, scrap paper!

Here are a couple of patterns...I like the one that looks like embossed metal. It's great for the guys versus giving the swirly look (though my husband didn't mind it for his bookmark) I didn't have the new pattern then.

I've had some general blank cards that have sat in the drawer. I liked the colors but they just seemed to lack something, so when I got my new patterns I decided to try and customize the front. I really like the look. After embossing I sanded lightly to bring the pattern to the fore. It changes it to more of an abstract design and I suspect I will be enhancing a few more card that have been lying around!

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  1. Gracias Laura! I haven't been around for a while, nice to see all your new posts and new ideas.



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