Saturday, July 11, 2009

Now I know my abc's...

Another design challenge...
Here are the elements in the .svg file. I've preserved the color scheme here but the abc element will cut as a solid unit with the letters cutting but not the individual shapes so I provided the separate a b c to cut
...could also just cut them and overlay
onto the black shadow, too.
My file is in the Borders and Frames link.


  1. Ok so do you understand the "bottled blonde moment", thats me. I don't think there is any translation.

    Wow All I can say is that I am really impressed with your talent. You think outside the box. And now that I have seen a close up of you, there is still no way you have been married 26 years. LOL I know the joke is old now. I am going to post some stuff to your link on the forum. This is really a great site. Once I get everything semi organized. I will be trying all of this stuff.

  2. Thanks, Suzan! It's fun to inspire others and get inspired by their work, too! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Happy Crafting!


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