Sunday, June 14, 2009

If the shoe fits...


Someone looking at my purse and shoe collection suggested they would be great for giving lipstick and nail polish. What a great idea! (Thanks, Kelly!) So, I had to try out some of the different sizes I had already made. In the largest shoe is a slender lip gloss stick, a good fit for the large shoe. For a standard lipstick it seems a slightly smaller shoe is better.


I can't seem to break away from my purse and shoe themes just yet, however we've been making some beautiful roses on the Sure Cuts a Lot forum so I included one I made from the file provided there. Check it out for some great inspiration! I included in my purse a little candy with a complementary nail polish to go with the lip gloss.

These sets are fun in any size and it's one case where a 2-sided paper can be used to good advantage...I think it would be great to use as a unique gift set or party favors and a fun way to use some old jewelry or attach some pretty silk or paper flowers instead. What fun for a little girl's party!

Here's a link to some other purse and shoe sets on the Cricut messageboard in response to an earlier design I shared.

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