Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lazy Quilters Series - Part 2

This ribbon style design is easily changed by rotating it 45 degrees as shown in the sample...isn't it fun how easily a design can change! Again, one of my favorite color combos is used here...enjoy

Here's is an option using the design as a corner or border design...In keeping with my Lazy Quilter theme I felt it was eaier to keep the main piece as a whole unit and add in the small boxes to create the checkerboard...the bonus is that that design without the boxes has an asian flair to me so could serve other design schemes, too!

In these sample I show some additional options for variations...

I hope you have fun with this design! The link to the files are here


  1. Thank You, I am having fun,a couple of quilting friends birthday card.

  2. Great Rebecca...would love to see them!


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