Sunday, December 5, 2010

Paper Lanterns

A request led to creating a simple paper lantern but then it led to offering a couple of additional ideas and options. By extending the top it allows a place to add a phrase, saying or name(s).

I've lined the one on the left which is very pretty too...also a great opportunity for your double-sided paper.

I'm also including a scut file that has the smaller version that is perfect for a battery operated tea light. Charming and fun...what a cute way to create table markers with individual names, too! Or give a personalized gift. The Stencil or Steamer font is ideal. If you don't want to crease it, you can gently push the ends together to create a softer rounded effect.

The zip file has several files including some scut files. I've created an optional scalloped top and have a file with the word Welcome included. All were done in Scal 1 so it should be compatible with both versions. File link here!


  1. Just too, too. Saw them on SCAL forum and they turned out great. I'm off to look for the t-shirt bags (again)


  2. Thanks Sue! Always nice to have my scal pals stop by! The T-shirt bags are on my other blog.

    Designs by Laura

  3. Thank you Laura,appreciate your sharing.

  4. Thanks Linda! Glad you can use them!


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