Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Award

Thanks to Carolyn at Cutting Time for this sweet blog award! Her blog is a great place to learn the ins and outs of Inkscape with many tutorials available highlighting its many features.

She said I had a "quirky sense of humour" and I'm always delighted when it transcends the miles. Some things really are universal!

So, after thanking the giver and displaying the award as shown, I am to tell three things I love and post a favorite picture. (I'm trying to do this before I forget since I dropped the ball, the last time I received a kind blog award).

Well, the picture was easy...this is my current computer background because seeing those two faces of my nieces just make me smile!

Now, what do I love? So much to choose from but in the framework of crafting and design, my current love is working with paper and seeing what others do with paper.

Designing new files is also something I love to do which is why I've gotten better acquainted with Inkscape, a favorite (and free) drawing program.

I also love seeing and making things that are recycled and upcycled and given a different lease on life from what it was originally intended.

So now to pass this on to other bloggers...ooooh the choices.
This site gives lots of inspiring clip art and layout designs and to explore!
Jenny's blog is rather new but she's been a frequent contributor on the scal forum and I think it's great for her to have a place for her many pretty files.
I subscribe to this blog so I regularly see her creations as well as read some of the funny stories from her travels and wildlife encounters...
Heather, of course, has been a big help on a number of forums giving valuable information in understanding how to use various software programs. Aside from that she has created tons of files and fixed many for others, too! Thanks for your all your hard work!
I love the creative work on this site!


  1. Hi Laura, First off, congratulations and love the photo! I loved your "three things." I'm currently running a challenge over at my blog for recycled or up-cycled craft projects. It's mostly just a way for to connect crafters like myself, but there is a prize :)
    Will be following your site! I found it from my favorite place, Extreme Cards & Papercrafting. Best, CG

  2. Your nieces are adorable! :-)

    Thanks so much for the lovely award for my Free Scrapbooking Supplies blog. It's my very first blog award!

    I'm in the middle of launching a new site that offers commercial use images. That should be finished by early next week, so as soon as it's done I'll post the award on my blog and follow the instructions. I wanted you to know so you didn't think I was ignoring your kindness.

    Thanks again!


  3. Haha - I guess I should have looked to see who Carolyn's other nominees were nominating! I also chose Extreme Cards. Oh, well, she deserves it! I, too, love your site, Laura. Great work!


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