Monday, August 19, 2019

Sea Urchin Dollhouse Miniature Lamps

When I came across a beautiful sea urchin shell some months back, I thought it would make a wonderful lamp in my mini world.

Over the months I have experimented with how to mount the lights and assemble them. I have also changed the color by using a translucent nail polish or a clear to protect and strengthen the shell as well.

I have used battery operated LED party lights easily purchased online or a craft store. I have bought through Hobby Lobby in the wedding section and on Amazon for the lights that have a hanger.

I have used a large grommet which I bend to conform to the shape of the shell and allow me to insert my light.  I did not need to bend it for the green shell but I have for the other shells. Glues used include E6000 and super glue gel and sometimes hot glue to fill space in a bead and to help stabilize.

I have bought sea urchin shell from online from Save On Crafts and Etsy.

The video shows how easy it is 
to turn it on and off, just twist!


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